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Ofelia Plads will include pavilions, stages and a flight of kissing steps. As well as a place to take a break, grab a snack and have a chat. And much more besides. Here, you will find information on Ofelia Plads’ pavilions and stages, the Kissing Steps, opening hours and our other facilities. As well as directions and how to find your way around.


Ofelia Plads
1250 København K

A place for the bicycle Ofelia Plads is also geared up for cyclists. You will find cycle stands in Kvæsthusgade.

A place for the car Beneath Ofelia Plads, you will find a 24-hour staffed car park with space for 500 cars. You can find more information and prices here.

All roads lead to Ofelia Plads You can take the land route to Ofelia Plads by bus or metro, or alternatively the water route by harbour bus. There is a range of public transport options, and you can plan your journey here. Find us at Kvæsthusbroen, 1250 Copenhagen K.

The Pier


The pavilions by the stages

There is room for the flavours and new taste. Taste the menu at the pavillions, enjoy a coffee or a cool glass and sip all sorts of goodies. Stop by Luftkastellet and find your place between the sky and sea and the coziness.


The pavilion facing the water

There is room for flavours and new taste. Enjoy a cool glass - almost everything for everyone. Stop by and find your place between the sky and sea and the coziness.


Canal tours

A place to take to the sea. Enjoy the harbour from the water, view the Opera House to the lilting sound of the lapping of waves, or get even closer to some of Copenhagen’s other great attractions. You can purchase your ticket for the harbour cruise here, with both Canal Tours, Nettobådene, Hey Captain and United Sailing Ships sailing right to the doorstep of Ofelia Plads.

Lifts Kissing Steps

The Kissing Steps

This is a proper place for kissing. Where Sankt Annæ Plads emerges – framed by Larsens Plads, Ofelia Plads and the Kvæsthus Basin – you will find the Kissing Steps. Here you can rest, dance and kiss. One step at a time.